It is hot outside!!! We need to talk about vehicular heatstroke.

The number of children dying in hot cars is on the rise. The National Safety Council is taking steps to avoid this.

What is heatstroke? It’s a condition caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Heatstroke usually follows 2 other heat related problems, heat cramps and heat exhaustion. This is muscle cramps followed by exhaustion and profuse sweating. As this progresses, rapid pulse, rapid breathing, dizziness and headache may occur. Heatstroke occurs when the body temperature rises and the body stops sweating. Skin becomes dry and red. Confusion, hallucinations, seizures and loss of consciousness may occur. Death can occur if not treated quickly.

The NSC developed a free online training tool that outlines the dangers of hot cars. Visit “” for a 15 minute course including safety tips to avoid heatstroke deaths.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also offers information on pediatric vehicular homicide.