A Doctor Hugging Children
A Doctor Hugging Children

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. First, please review our website to ensure we are a good fit for your family.
  2. Print out our New Patient Packet and complete it.
  3. Provide us with your child’s complete medical records.
  4. Call our office once these things are done so that our office staff can register your child.
  5. Call your insurance company to change the primary care physician (PCP) to Hatboro Pediatrics, PC.

Due to the national increase in vaccine-preventable disease, the providers at Hatboro Pediatrics, PC have enacted a vaccine policy. We do not accept families who choose not to vaccinate their children. All patients need to follow our vaccine schedule.

We feel a strong social responsibility to protect the very young and ill from preventable diseases that they themselves cannot be vaccinated against due to their age or health condition. We need our families to help us in this mission. Our vaccine rates in Pennsylvania are too low, and this puts our entire population at risk for otherwise preventable diseases. We as a community have an obligation to each other that can only be accomplished if we are united together.

As always, we are available to answer all and any questions you may have about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines we recommend for your child. If you would like to discuss, please call the office for an appointment. The providers at Hatboro Pediatrics, PC have always been strong advocates of the CDC recommended vaccine schedule, and we will continue to utilize evidence-based research. We want nothing more than health and happiness for your family and ours. Visit the link below to learn from the CDC.

CDC-Recommended Vaccination Schedule

Hatboro Pediatrics, PC schedules patients with visit slots to meet the needs of our families. We request 24 hours in advance for cancelled appointments so we can use the time to see patients in need of care.

We understand sometime emergencies occur and you need to miss an appointment.

If a family misses 3 appointments without giving us notice (“no show”), we ask the family to find a new pediatric group.

Due to scheduling, we will ask a family to reschedule their appointment if they are more than 15 minutes late and there is no available appointments within a reasonable time. Three late appointments will be equal to one “no show”.

Hatboro Pediatrics, PC has many reserved spots for sick patients including extended nighttime hours 4 nights per week until 8pm. We also have same day sick appointments for Saturday mornings. Please call the office when we open in the am to schedule an appointment. You can also leave a voice message on our phone line and the office staff will call when we open in the morning to schedule your child for a same day sick visit.

We do not have walk in hours; however, we do have same day appointments. Please call the office to schedule an appointment. You must have an appointment to be seen by a physician. If you walk in, we will offer you the next available appointment slot.

Scheduling an appointment is now easier than ever with our Patient Portal! Just login to the portal and choose your appointment from the list of open appointments.

All insurance companies have multiple plans. Each individual plan varies in coverage and requirements. Please call your insurance company to verify we take your specific plan. Sometimes insurance companies offer new plans we are not aware of and we are not contracted with that specific plan. Please make sure you understand your policy. We try our best to help you navigate the system, but we are not experts in all plans.

Make sure to choose Hatboro Pediatrics, PC as your child’s primary care physician before your first appointment if it is required.

Please bring your insurance card and photo Identification to every visit.

Please bring any medications your child is taking.

We understand families move and change phone numbers and contact information. Please keep us updated on any changes in your demographics (address and billing address, phone/cell numbers, contacts, care providers or insurance.)

All co-pays are due before the visit. This is an insurance contract requirement and we cannot make exceptions to this rule. We have contracts with insurance companies and have no control over an individual plan, or what the insurance company covers or charges the family.

We take checks, credit cards and cash for payments.

Past balances must be paid before further appointments can be scheduled. This can be done by calling the office, paying online via our portal or mailing in a check.

Please contact our billing department at 215 547-9570 for further assistance or questions.

If you have a high deductible plan, you will be billed based on your insurance company’s contracted rates with Hatboro Pediatrics, PC.

Insurance companies contract with doctors’ offices and they set the rates of payment for the doctors. We cannot change these rates. The fee for office visits and procedures are established by your insurance company and your plan and we have no control over this factor.

Yes, if a legal guardian completes a proxy form, we do allow another adult to bring your child for a visit. Click Here for a copy of this proxy form. We prefer those who know your child best and have a good understanding of what is going on with the child’s symptoms, daily schedule and development. We cannot call parents back after the visit and recreate the visit. Please try to have a primary caregiver at all well checks in order to ensure the best quality of care for your child’s visit. For a sick visit, please provide a detailed history and any pertinent information (eg.medications and dosages) or questions to the proxy accompanying your child.

No. The accompanying adult (over 18 years old) does not have to be in the exam room, but does have to be physically present in the office during the visit.

Please drop off the form to our office and we will be glad to fill it out within 3 business days.

If your form is a PIAA form or a school form that requires parents to fill out a questionnaire, that section must be completed prior to our doctors completing your form. It is mandatory that the patient is up to date on all wellness visits, prior to form completion. Please note PIAA mandates forms to be completed after June 1.

All office visits at Hatboro Pediatrics are by appointment only. We have many same day sick appointments everyday. Please call the office in advance and we will try to accommodate your other child as much as possible. We cannot guarantee an appointment at the same time. Please do not ask the doctor in the room to see your other child at the same time.

We are available for our patients 24 hours per day. Please call the office’s main phone number when you have an emergency after office hours. We have an answering service that will page us for you. We have extended office hours 4 days per week and Saturday hours for urgent visits. We have a doctor on call whenever our office is not open to return pages on urgent issues that cannot wait until the next day’s office hours.

We encourage our families to call us before going to an emergency room. We like to ensure our patients are getting exceptional care and we want to know when they require emergency evaluations.

Please reserve after hour calls for urgent matters only. Please save routine questions and concerns for regularly scheduled office hours. Our doctors are frequently on call and appreciate your respect of this policy. Please keep in mind our doctors do not have access to schedule patient appointments, please do not page to request an appointment as this can only be scheduled through the front desk staff.

If you need medication dosage for over the counter medications, please click here.

To request a referral, please either call or portal message the office at least 1 business day in advance of  your specialist visit. Please let us know which provider your child is seeing, their NPI number and the reason your child is going to the specialist. We also need the date of the appointment.

Your child MUST be up to date on all well visit care in order for us to put a referral in for a specialist.