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Online Access For Patients

We offer our patients secure, online access to communicate with our office electronically. The Patient Portal allows you to send non-urgent medical questions or information to our office as well as receive and review your child’s lab results; view your child’s medication list and request refills; request and keep track of your child’s appointments and view portions of your child’s personal health records.

All you need to do is provide your personal email address to any member of our staff. Our staff will give you a temporary password which you can personalize once you login to the portal. The patient portal is used by the medical team to send you vaccine information sheets, handouts, developmental pre-visit questionnaires and updates on the practice. Our doctors check the portal messages while they are in the office and it’s a great resource for both the families and the staff at Hatboro Pediatrics, PC for a safe, easy way to communicate.

Scheduling an appointment is now easier than ever with our Patient Portal! Just login to the portal and choose your appointment from the list of open appointments.