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Welcome to Hatboro Pediatrics

We strive to provide warm, compassionate care without compromising exceptional medical care and up to date, evidenced based practices.

Are we the right practice for your family?

We know that choosing a pediatrician for your children is a very important decision. We believe a healthy doctor/ patient relationship starts with ensuring we are on the same page. At Hatboro Pediatrics our philosophy is that all our patients receive the same treatment plan no matter how young or old. A healthy child is a happy child.


We pride ourselves on providing compassionate care with a smile! We truly care about and get to know our patients and want you to know you have an ally whether it comes to dealing with a sickness or developmental milestones, or anything that may crop up.

Dr. Jennifer Coren
Dr. Andrea Amoia
Dr. Dena Sloane
Dr. Jennifer Suh

Our Focus is On Your Family’s Health

Your child deserves the most current and successful medical care. Our team strictly follows evidence based guideline and philosophy’s to ensure this shared goal. Our approach is shown through endless research studies and years of clinical practice to provide the most optimal health and well being for children. We treat each child as an individual while still sticking to guidelines that are evidence based, community focused and family centered.


  • Our top priority is your child’s health. We believe vaccines are key in preventing life-threatening disease and suffering.

  • We strictly adhere to the CDC vaccine schedule

  • We require all new families to fully vaccinate their children according to the schedule recommended by the CDC and the AAP.

  • We are open to discussing any vaccine related questions families may have.

Medication Policy

  • We are cautious when prescribing medications. We realize all medication can cause unwanted side effects and harm if not used appropriately. We do not call in antibiotics over the phone and like to see patients who may require them.

  • We DO prescribe medication for children who need them and when they are essential for wellness.

Well Checks

  • Preventative care is essential in maintaining and optimizing health. Yearly well checks are required.

  • Research shows early detection of health concerns can prevent many poor outcomes.

  • We enjoy seeing our patients grow and develop.

  • We require our patients to follow the AAP recommended well check schedule to ensure that their child is thriving.

    The AAP schedule for preventative care is:
    1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months 12 months 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months, 3 years to 18 years – one well check per year.

Medical Home

  • We are Medical Home certified. The medical home, also known as the patient-centered medical home(PCMH), is a team-based health care delivery model to provide comprehensive and continuous medicalcare to patients with a goal to obtain maximal health outcomes.

  • This certification is something we take to heart.

  • We have extended office hours to accommodate for working families.

  • We have well-trained staff who are equipped to answer your medical concerns.

  • We closely track our patients when they see other providers in the outpatient setting, such as urgent cares and hospitals.

We are a privately owned practice of 8 caring providers. Call today and let us provide personalized care for your family.