Lets Talk Water Safety!
Prevention of water accident is key! Everyone should
know life saving skills. Close supervision of children in
the water is so important. If you are with a group of
people, designate a water monitor to never leave
children alone. Avoid distractions while supervising
children in the water, such as books, I-pads, computers
and phones. Entry into private pools should be alarmed
to assure that your children can not gain access without
your knowledge!
Flotation devices should be approved by the U.S. Coast
Guard. (USCG) This will be noted on the packaging.
Plain inner tubes are not safe. Puddle jumpers and life
jackets are better. Please do some investigating on-line
before purchasing safety devices for your children.
We often get questions regarding “dry drowning”.
Symptoms of dry drowning are trouble breathing,
cough, chest pain, mood swings, sudden fatigue,
wheezing, fever and vomiting. These symptoms happen
hours after swimming, not right away.
For more information on water safety, please visit the
CDC website and the American Academy of Pediatrics