Winter weather is here!

It is important to dress your children appropriately! When going outside, wearing multiple thin layers will keep them warm and dry. One layer more than you would wear on a given day is recommended for older babies and children. They should also have boots, hats and gloves when it is very cold outside. When possible, heat your vehicle prior to bringing your child outside. Remember that heavy clothing changes the effectiveness of your car seat harnesses.

Children need to be warm inside too. When sleeping, babies should not have loose blankets, quilts or pillows near them. It is best to put them in one -piece sleepers.

Hypothermia and frostbite are things you should think about when your children are playing outside in extremely cold weather. Hypothermia is when the body temperature drops below normal. It can happen very fast.

Frostbite is when the skin tissue becomes frozen. Your child may complain of burning skin or numbness.

Both conditions are serious and require medical attention.

Let your children enjoy the outdoors but be responsible and cautious. Check on them frequently!